Our mission

Youthcaffe exists to positively change the lives of vulnerable youth in Kenya by improving their access to productive employment as well as their ability to cope with their social environment through creativity and innovation. We work with youth between the ages of 15 - 24 years from less previlage areas like Mathare, Kibera, Huruma, Dandora, Kariobangi etc.


Youthcaffe’s vision is that of: “Kenyan Youth making positive contribution towards a prosperous and balanced society.” And the world at large we are very committed to see youths being empowered and changing their lives Our selection criteria is meant to ensure only deserving youths are assimilated with no discrimination on the basis of gender, creed or sexual orientation. This selection process is meant to standardize our collective approach to ensure consistence in the process and quality of students we recruit as far as qualification is concerned. For one to get a chance for an interview you have to belong to a youth group or CBO ( Community Based organization) that is within the Youthcaffe network. We don’t deal with individuals directly but we source our youth from partner community organizations. See how you can join as a partner CBO with the Youthcaffe network