I am committed to making a positive difference in the community. My mission on earth is to create a world where all children safe, loved, and celebrated.To that end I am very active in support of Challenge Day.I am a leader of Bridging an effort committed to transforming the relationship between the poor,races and communities in the world

 Julianna is NEPHAK first YPLHIV Focal Point supported by the GNP+ at NEPHAK (since 2012) and is responsible for mobilizing YPLHIV to reclaim their sexual reproductive health and rights. She is the lead YPLHIV person in the Access Service and Knowledge (ASK) project at NEPHAK being implemented in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and Kakamega Counties
 Ibrahim holds a Bachelor of Business administration (B.A) degree and has professional qualifications in ICT. He has also completed a post graduate diploma in project planning and management. Ibrahim has more than ten years working in community HIV and AIDS programmes, especially in enhancing sustainability of youth lead programmes and mobilizing resources by enhancing Youthcaffe networks and partnerships
 I truly understand the challenges of life that we go through as youth that are caused by poverty. I believe in change  because through positive change we can get to greater heights of being where we have always wanted to be in the society. I am also inspired to see young people gain positive skills that enables them to compete in the job market