YouthCaffe has been training on creative multimedia courses to a group of young people from the informal settlements of Nairobi. Our facilities are able to host a maximum of 20 students per sitting all year round. This is a year and three months long training ICT program that is organised into three modules.
YouthCaffe provides CSE education through training of both ICT students and community youth on the electronic based curriculum of WSWM and MLMW. Our objective is to provide health related knowledge and by doing so we directly create demand for the health services amongst the youth population that includes the minority groups like People living with disabilities. Our entry point is that we translate the normal SRHR information into Braille and sign languag¬es for the challenged youth.
YouthCaffe runs an outreach program that tar¬gets 20 young people living with HIV and AIDS in schools. We provide psychosocial support to youth by visiting them during the school vis¬iting days; we provide them basic needs such as uniforms, basic shopping, sanitary tow¬els, and second hand books. And during the school holidays these boys and girls are in¬vited into our training centres where they learn basic ICT and lifeskills. They are exposed to mentors and coached on drug adherence.