Are a young person who has the love for computers, technology, entrepreneurship and keen to improve your life skills? and looking for a reputable youth institution to learn skills that would take you to the next level? At Youthcaffe we have simple guideline that we use to select students who diverse the chance to learn this vital skills that is almost required in all careers in the 21st century. We appreciate and acknowledge everyone’s enthusiasm to learn and be part of the large Youthcaffe family, but we can only serve those that are within our definition which is stated clearly in our mission and vision statement.
Our selection criteria is meant to ensure only deserving youths are assimilated with no discrimination on the basis of gender, creed or sexual orientation. This selection process is meant to standardize our collective approach to ensure consistence in the process and quality of students we recruit as far as qualification is concerned. For one to get a chance for an interview you have to belong to a youth group or CBO ( Community Based organization) that is within the Youthcaffe network. We don’t deal with individuals directly but we source our youth from partner community organizations. See how you can join as a partner CBO with the Youthcaffe network.
The selection criteria are divided into 3 Sections;
Module 1 :Elementary
Module 2: intermediary
Module 3/Media lab: Advance and App development

Module 1 selection

This is arguably the most important selection because from this selection we find the youth who will go on to the final level. For us to get the right students, we need to closely collaborate with the partner organizations. They should help us by doing the initial vetting and they should ensure the potential students meet the following criteria;
The student must be aged between 15 to 24 years.
  • The student must be a registered and active member of a community based organization which is already in partnership with Youthcaffe.
  • The youth should be a good role model and a mentor to other youths in the organization.
  • The candidate must be ready to share their skills and experiences after the training with other CBO members.
  • The candidate must have attained minimum academic level of form four. There are exceptional cases but which will require Youthcaffe staff members to deliberate and agree on.
  • The candidate presented should be unprivileged and living in the non-formal settlement.
  • The youth should be available for the training for one year and 2 months.
  • The candidates presented for interviews by CBOs must have equal number of boys to girls. In case this is not possible to attain, the organization must be able to present reasonable explanation before Youthcaffe considers the request.
We give each organization a guideline of how many students we need from them thus considering the gender balance etc.  They then send a good number of youth who meet our criteria and we do the final selection interview with each student. We conduct the selections interviews preferably at Youthcaffe premises or at the CBO’s offices.

Module 2

At Module 2, this is a follow up interview after students goes through the Module 1 training and for one to qualify to Module 2,  we hold an interview that will help us select the best students based on the following criteria;
  • Class work assignments.
  • Creativity.
  • Attendance.
  • Commitment.
  • Team player.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Exam results.
  • General positive attitude.
Just to mention but a few…
The following steps are taken to ensure due diligence is accorded to the process.
  • Personal Interviews with Module1 students
  • Design test
  • Trainers review of work
  • Trainers recommendation
  • Final list circulate to Community Based Organization.
  • Feedback session with Module 1 students.
  • We provide guidance to those that don’t make it to Module 2.

Module 3/Media lab

Same goes as the above process for Module 2 though the students are subjected to a more technical and creative process. The process also helps is selecting the best students to be posted for internship and best student’s award. By now you are asking yourself what makes the best student, for one to be awarded the honor?
The best student is someone with the following qualities, though this might change as time goes by and in agreement with the training team. This is what we consider basic;
  • Good team player.
  • Good listener.
  • Proactive.
  • Knowledgeable in the field of practice both technical and creative.
  • Great presentation skills.
  • Commitment.
  • Attendance.
  • Class work etc.
We hold graduations for Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3/media lab whereby we invite friends, partners, companies representatives and Youthcaffe alumni etc, to grace our events which is usually well represented, for more please check out our Trainings.