The Sexual Reproductive Health And Rights{SRHR} Programme

YouthCaffe developed the Unite for Body Rights programme with the aim to work towards a society in which everyone is able to make safe and  informed decisions concerning sexual and  reproductive health and rights. This means everyone should be able to decide who to be with, what kind  of contraceptives to use and if and when to have a baby.

   Through the provision of in- and out-of-school SRHR education, The YouthCaffe programme empowers young people to make healthy and well- informed decisions. By providing SRHR education the demand for services by young people will grow, and as such the demand for youth friendly SRH  services will increase.


SRH services
 The Organisation programme strengthens the provision of quality public and private SRH services (accessible, acceptable and affordable for young  people) to meet the increased demand. By strengthening the provision of services the supply increases

 Enabling environment

 Community sensitization, participation and mobilization activities are implemented to create an environment that accepts adolescent SRHR and  increases community support for sexuality education and youth-friendly SRH services.